Benedetto Filippi

Auto Broker

Hi, I'm Ben the Broker.

I work to take the frustration and confusion out of car leases, all while saving my clients money.

Here's how it works:

  • - Contact me via the link below.
  • - We'll work out your ideal car.
  • - You'll front a small retainer.
  • - I'll find the car and broker the best price.
  • - You'll close our deal.
  • - Sign your dealer paperwork and enjoy!

Service Area

I broker nationwide with few exceptions, such as Alaska and Hawaii due to geographic challenges.

Vehicle Types & Brands

I work on all NEW vehicles. I do not work on pre-owned vehicles. No brand or model is too obscure!

Licensed and Bonded

I am bonded and carry all relevant business structure to operate in the marketplace.

Support & Reviews

I'm available most days besides Sunday. You can check out hundreds of my happy customers here.

I can hear from you. Or you can hear from me:

Numbers and Emails

Call or text me at: 586.265.5583

Email me at:

Book an Appointment

I can call you, if you'd like. Click here to open my Calendly for availability.

Let's get going!

Want to get working right away? to launch my form to tell me what car we should be working on!